workplace & organizational consulting

Workplace and organizational conflicts reduce productivity and morale and prevent organizations from attracting and retaining people who will make valuable positive contribution to the goals of the organization.  

Conflict Resolution Consulting uses an array of tools and processes, custom-tailored to your organization's unique situation, to soothe recurring conflict, implement effective conflict resolution systems, and harness the creative potential of conflict to create growth and achieve goals.

After an initial consultation or “conflict audit,” to identify your issues and goals, the following services can help you manage and resolve conflicts quickly and privately, creating opportunities for positive change:


Mediation is an opportunity for people in conflict to talk about issues with the assistance of a neutral person.  We gather information on the situation so that the people involved can make informed decisions and clear agreements.  The power stays with the people to decide when and under what circumstance to reach resolution.


Skilled facilitation helps groups discuss challenging topics and identify a way forward that preserves relationships and focuses the group on a shared vision.  It also helps bring out creative ideas from the participants which often hold the key to collectively moving powerfully forward into a new phase of growth and opportunity.


Individual coaching helps clients focus and re-direct their energies from conflict to creating solutions.  It opens up personal creativity and generates solutions that were not accessible while locked into the struggle of challenge and conflict. Coaching helps people craft effective communication and negotiation strategies and engage with conflict in a way that is empowering, positive, and transformative.


Customized training for your organization, department, managers, or committees can help minimize expense and maximize efficiency.  Skills training can include leadership for problem solving, conflict management skills, powerful communication skills, facilitation process skills, and maintaining personal and organizational balance and resilience when dealing with extremely challenging situations.

Together we can customize services that meet your specific needs.