why choOse mediation?

We offer mediation for divorce and other disputes including litigated matters.

Mediation helps people get clear on what they want and value, negotiate with the other people involved, and make decisions that lead to clear agreements.  The mediator facilitates conversation by helping you to:

- clarify your own preferences and goals;

- identify resources, options, and choices to make informed decisions; 

- listen and hear the perspective of the other people.

Mediators do not make decisions for the parties.  Instead, the mediator assists and empowers the parties with communication and negotiation, asking questions to draw out positions and interests, and pointing to relevant information and resources.  This often results in more satisfaction, as the power stays with the parties to come to their own agreements.

Mediation can be used for complete resolution of a dispute or for portions of the dispute as desired by the clients.  Our goal is to assist clients in finding solutions that work for them.  Addressing conflict requires flexibility and creativity because there is no one-size-fits-all answer to what works in communication or in creating solutions.   

Estimates are that a vast majority (over 80%) of mediating parties reach agreement ranging from a comprehensive resolution to one that is enough to keep them out of litigation.  

In mediation, all discussions and materials, with few exceptions, are confidential.  If no agreement is reached, evidence of the discussions, mediation materials, and any draft agreements will not be admissible in court and therefore cannot be used as evidence against either party if they end up going into litigation.