For couples who have already decided on or are considering divorce, mediation is a cost-effective way to communicate openly and come to resolution.

Cost depends on two factors: (1) the complexity of the issues; and (2) the level of cooperation and communication between the spouses.  Some divorce mediations require only two or three sessions, more typically five or six two-hour sessions are required.  The mediator helps structure the process so you can do as much of the work as possible on your own time, which is an excellent way to keep costs down.  Once the couple has come to an agreement, the mediator drafts the martial settlement agreement and another session is held to review the document.  

A study prepared by the Boston Law Collaborative found that that the cost of mediation was on average much lower than other alternatives.  A comparison showed:

-Mediation had a median cost of $6,600

-Collaborative Divorce: $19,723

-Settlements negotiated by rival lawyers: $26,830

-Full-scale litigation: $77,746

Source: American Bar Association Journal, December 20, 2007

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