dispute resolution

Mediation can be used for a wide variety of disputes. Between the two ends of a spectrum — working without any professional help and engaging in a litigation battle — there are many intermediate possibilities for creative dispute resolution. For parties already engaged in litigation, mediation can provide a means to a faster, less-expensive resolution. Mediation confidentiality protects and encourages the open exchange of information.  

In addition to the areas of expertise she has developed as a commercial litigator, Jenny is uniquely skilled at quickly mastering new and complex subject areas.  She easily takes in the details of a case and skillfully frames the information to assist parties in making sense out of complexities and strategizing a solution.  

Jenny’s experience includes cases in the following areas:

  • contract and commercial litigation
  • partnership and joint venture disputes
  • intellectual property rights and related disputes
  • professional negligence and ethics
  • environmental litigation
  • employment law compliance and disputes
  • consumer protection litigation
  • real estate disputes
  • securities litigation
  • elder abuse litigation